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For years the Orlando area has been in a "sellers market." As more and more homes are being made available, sellers are no longer calling the shots. However, sellers who take a proactive approach to selling their home can still have an edge in the new selling environment.

It's a given that sellers who expect to sell for top dollar need to have their homes in prime condition. But, bringing about a successful sale has to do with more than just looking good.

Today's buyers are sophisticated and they are cautious. They aren't likely to waive contingencies like they did when the market was short of inventory and hot as a pistol. Now, you can expect that your home will be carefully scrutinized before a buyer agrees to close a sale.

Rduce anxiety by ordering pre-sale inspections. With a report in hand, you can determine what work to do before you market your home. Even if you don't complete any repairs, disclosing the inspection reports to buyers before they make an offer is likely to reduce the re-negotiations that can occur after the buyers do their own inspections. And if a big-ticket item shows up on the report, obtain a repair or replacement estimate from a reputable, licensed professional. This gives buyers the answer to an unknown that might otherwise turn off their interest.

If there are disputes that might affect closing a sale, such as between heirs to an estate or between sellers who are divorcing, resolve those issues before you start showing your home to prospective buyers.

By being pro-active serious problems can be avoided and sellers will find a much less stressful experience.


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